What is a Foot Protection Service?

The Foot Protection Service may also be known as an interdisciplinary foot care service. 

It should be led by a podiatrist with specialist training in diabetic foot problems, and should have access to healthcare professionals
with skills in the following areas:


  • Diabetology

  • Biomechanics and orthoses

  • Wound care. 

People who are at moderate or high risk of developing a diabetic foot problem should be referred to the Foot Protection Service.

Make Change Happen

Six Vital Steps

It is essential that GPs know how to access the Foot Protection Service and the Multidisciplinary Foot Care Service (MDFS),  that the Foot Protection Service has close links with the MDFS, and that patients can be referred and seen rapidly when necessary.

Wing May Kong, consultant diabetologist at London NW Healthcare NHS Trust, believes that the foot protection team plays a vital role in preventing amputations in her area.