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North West London

Eight CCGs across North West London, six acute providers, plus community providers and GP practices, are working together to develop a new foot care pathway for people with diabetes.

They began in mid-2017, with a mapping exercise to understand the services that are currently commissioned, to identify gaps in the pathway, and establish priorities for improved care.

A key finding was that current pathways were confusing and lacked a single triage point, contributing to delays in treatment.        


Dr. Raquel Delgado is a GP and diabetes commissioner at Hounslow CCG.

NHS Transformation Funding has enabled delivery of a footcare improvement project through the creation of a team of six diabetes specialist podiatrists and two foot coordinators. 

The project has

  • Established a diabetes foot care network of service users, providers and commissioners to improve services and the pathway

  • Set up a diabetes foot hub to improve communication between providers and patients

  • Developed a footcare dashboard to provide real-time data on care and outcomes at patient-level

  • Developed training resources and delivered training to podiatrists and other healthcare staff